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Women’s Department


  • The mission of the Overcomers Women’s Department is to help women to grow in their knowledge of God through the scriptures. To teach women how to apply the word of God to their lives. To encourage women to love and serve with excellence in their homes, in the body of Christ, and in the community at large.

On Sunday August 23, 2009 the Women’s Department was revived, under the leadership of our President and First Lady Yvonne Brown. She is supported by a dedicated team of leaders and together they are carrying out its mission with great steadfastness and enthusiasm.
Our first major event was our 2009 Women’s Convention, which was held on September 27, 2009 with Minister Leona Beckford, Director of Regional Women’s Ministry for the Church Of God of Prophecy in New York, as our Guest Speaker. We looked at the theme, “Passion for Service,” using St. Luke 10:38-42 as our scripture reference. This convention ignited our hearts and set ablaze our passion for God and the salvation of souls.
After our convention, we launched our Newsletter with no other name befitting than ‘Passion’. It reported on recent church activities and provided, a Kiddies Corner, Laughter, Healthy Living and other useful information.
On June 12, 2010 we held our second major event; “Women at Tea Time.” This event allowed us as women to bring out our finest Chinaware and enjoy a soothing cup of tea. The focus for this Tea Time was Preventing and Managing Diabetes. Our own Sis Marcia Scott-Hudson, Family Nurse Practitioner made an exceptional presentation.
Our second Women Convention was held on September 2010, with the theme “Shaped for Service,” with scripture reference Joshua 1:1-9. The unique and talented Minister D. Melhado, Assistant Pastor for Calvary Gospel Assembly, truly stirred our hearts to service.
In 2011 we had our third Women’s Convention with the theme ‘Vessel of Honor unto the Lord’. Our guest speaker was the Reverend Gloria Johnson. Our scripture was taken from 2 Timothy 2: 20-21 which reminded us that we need to be molded and sanctified as vessels for the Master’s use.
On December 10, 2011 we sought to cater to our Golden Agers and had a night for them called “Around the keyboard” at Overcomers Tabernacle. We went down memory lane and sought to ring out the songs of old, like: Precious Memories How They Linger; The Speckled Bird and Beulah Land. Singing those songs gave them a nostalgic feeling, but regrettably we were unable to stay there for a long time, so we moved into 2012.
We were blessed in 2012 to host our first marriage seminar with the theme; “Celebrate Your Marriage- Live, Love, and Laugh.” Our guest speaker was Bishop Dr. Herbert Scott, Overseer for Liberty Hall Cathedral of Praise, who  eloquently and vivaciously expounded the topic. Our couples dined in an elegant and romantic setting with tables for only two. The night left them with a feeling of ignited passion.
We closed the year with our One-Day Women’s Convention, which was held on September 26, 2012. We explored the theme; “Empowered for Service” taken from Acts 10:38. Minister Lona Beckford who spoke at our first convention, returned as our Guest Speaker. The Holy Spirit was very evident in this convention and we were empowered to become witnesses by our words and actions.
We are currently planning other projects; such as a Singles Seminar, a Caribbean Night and much more.

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