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Youth Ministry


  • The Overcomers Tabernacle Youth Ministry envision a generation of young people being educated with the true gospel of Jesus Christ who will in turn take it to their peers, the community, friends, and families.
  • The Youth Ministry is committed to reach out to the youths in our church, the community and the surrounding neighborhood, by encouraging them and educating them about the true gospel of Christ by making them aware of how to know Him better through worship, group activities and fellowship with other young people.
  • We also see to encourage discipline and respect for each other, their peers, family and to be faithful to God as true disciples who can reach out to their peers, the community and beyond.
    The Overcomers Tabernacles Youth Ministry is a unique youth ministry. It is a place where every youth can feel welcome. It is a spiritual haven that welcomes and engage youths of every ethnic background to fellowship in a true atmosphere of unconditional love. We encourage and teach our young people the values of true Christian living and how to have and maintain a great relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ. Our youths are inspired to share the love of Christ with their peers, family, friends, and community as they embark on their journey of faith.
    The youth ministry is comprised of four (4) committee members, the President, Vice President, Secretary and the Treasurer. The youth ministry’s focuses on the scriptures (in the form of Bible Reading, Scripture Showers, Bible Boxing), as it applies to our daily lives as we try to please God and to be good examples in our walk, our talk and our behavior.
    Each year the young people celebrate Black History month in February. Each youth gets the opportunity to research and write about an African-American historian and make a presentation at an open forum giving them the opportunity to enhance their public speaking skills. There is also an annual combined youth convention which is held in May. The young people get an opportunity to participate in singing, debates, drama, discussions, and Bible studies. This is an exciting time for the youth as they get to showcase their talents for the glory of God.
    In the future we plan to include more events. As we embrace change and growth, we plan to have a group of young people who will not be afraid to stand up for what they believe in and to proclaim the good news of salvation wherever they go. In the future we will be paying visits to children’s hospitals, children’s homes, and juvenile centers, with the hope that we can spread God’s word and touch the lives of lost and troubled young people who are in search of a better life.

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